Gray Ventures

Founded in 1991, Gray Ventures is a private investment company established to support entrepreneurialism in the Southeast.

Gray Ventures I and II invested in 35 pre-revenue companies with geographic emphasis on Atlanta and the Research Triangle Park (RTP) in North Carolina and with sector emphasis on Information Technology. All 35 companies were founded by first-time entrepreneurs.

Gray Ventures III is a fund of funds supporting 25 early-stage venture funds in the Southeast in both Information Technology and Healthcare. Gray Ventures III was also the principal investor in Flashpoint, a Georgia Tech-affiliated accelerator, which to date has helped 80 startups.

Gray Ventures IV

Launched in 2022, Gray Ventures IV invests in seasoned entrepreneurs who are seeking to create disruptive solutions for large, growing, and dynamic markets. We focus on early-stage software companies with clear competitive advantages, specifically B2B SaaS models serving IT, telecom, and tech-enabled industries. We invest exclusively in the southeastern United States.

Our preference is to lead rounds by being up to the first $1 million of outside investment on the cap table. We will also enter into syndications, if invited.

When leading rounds, we invest by means of a proprietary equity security which aligns our interests with that of the entrepreneur. Before making each investment, we contemplate and plan for future rounds with identified partners whom we have invested with or have known for many years. Accordingly, we structure our “Series A-1” security such that the terms of the “A-2,” “B,” and “C” rounds are “bolted” on top of the prior series, resulting in clean cap tables and transparency for both the entrepreneurs and the investors.

Gray Ventures IV Portfolio

NuTEQ Solutions
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Gray Ventures I & II

  • Accipiter
  • Bluebolt Networks
  • Chutney Technologies
  • Cognitech
  • Covendis
  • EGT
  • Electrifier
  • Extensibility
  • Ganymede
  • LiveWire Logic
  • Lysis
  • MediaOcean
  • MicroMass Communication
  • Monorail
  • Orologic
  • Overture Networks
  • Plurimus
  • SciQuest
  • Servigistics
  • Silverpop
  • Sofnet
  • SPI Dynamics
  • Synchrologic
  • and others

Gray Ventures III

  • AchieveIt
  • Acivilate
  • Adwerx
  • Apptega
  • Bark
  • BitPay
  • Carbice
  • Ceterus
  • CodeGuard
  • Codoxo
  • Crunchy Data
  • Demand Driven
  • Dropoff
  • Endgame
  • Excel Health
  • Featurespace
  • Florence Healthcare
  • FraudScope
  • FSLogix
  • Greenlight*
  • Gro Solutions
  • inMotionNow
  • Insurance Zebra
  • Ionic Security
  • JouleX
  • Jvion
  • MacStadium
  • MapAnything
  • Payzer
  • Pindrop
  • PlayOn! Sports
  • PowerDMS
  • Prepaid Technologies
  • ProctorU
  • QASymphony
  • Red Canary
  • Reveal Mobile
  • RoadSync
  • Second Nature
  • SaaSOptics
  • Shipt
  • ShopKeep
  • Sift Media
  • SkuVault
  • SmartAsset
  • Spiffy
  • Spoonflower
  • Springbot
  • Trendkite
  • UserIQ
  • Vocalocity
  • YPrime
  • ZVerse
  • and others